How to Get the Best Possible Europe River Cruise for Your Vacation Dollars–Hire a River Cruise Expert for Free!

How to get the Best Possible Europe River Cruise for Your Vacation Dollars
Hire a River Cruise Expert for Free!

So, you are thinking about going on a river cruise in Europe?
You have seen the television ads and it seems like a great trip—smaller ships, great shore excursions that really let you experience another culture and you return to your luxury floating hotel that amazes you with good food and beer and wine with your meals—sounds like all you have left to decide is when to go.
Some people will go to the internet and search for a river cruise. They’ll read a little, look at the pictures and descriptions. If the price looks good, the dates fit, they may just buy their cruise right online. They will probably spend about $3000 to $4000 a person for their week-long trip and truly believe they got the best value possible for their money. Or worse yet, they select the least costly options and then after the trip realize they did not get the best possible value for their trip. A fact: Price does not equal value!
They may or may not get the right trip. Often they will enjoy their vacation because almost every Europe river cruise is a good vacation, however, with just a little free help they could change a good trip into an awesome trip!
Then use the following guidelines to help you get the best possible river cruise for your money.
After all, aren’t you looking for the best value and the perfect trip to your Dream Destinations?
We think there is a better way to get the most for your hard earned dollars—hire a river cruise expert for free! You may be thinking to yourself, could this be possible? Surely, there must be some catch. We are here to assure you that not only is it possible, it is easy, and we will show how to do it.
So how do you find the right person for free? We believe you should use 6 criteria. They are:
1) Experience How long have they been in the industry?
• 2) Certifications What are their credentials?
3) Knowledge of the Industry How much do they know about river cruising and the vendors?
• 4) First Hand Knowledge Have they been to the places you want to go?
5) Member of a Professional Organization?
• 6) Trust—Will they work hard to find the best trip for you?

“Why can’t I just use the internet?” “Do I really have to consider all these factors?”
The problem with the internet is that it is just an order taker. It cannot match you with the correct trip! There are too many options available—how do you select the right trip for you?
If you plan on relying on passenger opinions, you need to remember there are a lot of false reviews on the internet.
What is the true story?
Here’s our suggestion:
We are going to ask you to consider us as your free travel consultant. You may not know the vendors pay us and it costs you no more to use us. You pay the exact same amount if you use us or not—if you do not, the cruise company just gets to keep more money.
We are very confident we can help you get the right river cruise for you! Please consider how Dream Destinations fits the 6 criteria:
• Experience– We have been in business for 19 years. In the last 3 years, we have planned 20 river cruises for 40 people. We have developed very good working relationships with most river cruise vendors to insure we deliver the right trip for our clients. Hank has been traveling to Europe for 43 years.
• Certification—Anne is a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC); an Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC); a Destination Specialist Western Europe & a Uniworld River Cruise Certified Expert. Hank is an Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) and a Destination Specialist Western Europe.
• Knowledge of the Industry— We are true river cruise experts. On our web site, under the river cruise tab, there are two fantastic PDF PowerPoint slideshows that will help you really learn what Europe River Cruising is all about. They are: Europe River Cruising and Comparisons of the 5 Major Europe River Cruise Companies that market in the US (this is a cutting-edge comparison).
• First Hand Knowledge—We have been on 8 week-long Europe River Cruises since 2009. We have sailed almost all the Rhine River & its tributaries, most of the Danube River and the Rhone, Saone and Seine Rivers in France. We can provide amazing information on pre & post trips, since we have written 48 European Cities Destination Guides. We have personally visited 41 of the 48 Cities—most with several days visits. Our Guides provide a quick, portable summary of best sights & things to do, transportation trips & possible day trips.
• Member of a Professional Organization– We are members of CLIA—the Cruise Lines International Association—the world’s largest cruise line association. We are also members of OSSN-the Outside Sales Support Network—a great professional organization.
• Trust—will they do what is best for you? We are honest, hard-working with one goal—to serve you—we will do what is best for you, not us. We help you avoid hassles & get the best value for your dollar–saves you time & money and we will help you protect your travel investment.

6 really good reasons to use us!

If all this information seems to be a good match to help you plan your next river cruise, why not give Hank a call at today 713-397-0188 or e-mail him at River cruises are in high demand and often the cabin category cruise you want will sell out if you wait too long. You will be glad you did!

Your journey begins here!

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