Travel is not only our business, it is also our way to celebrate!

by Anne Schrader, Certified Travel Consultant & Europe Destination Specialist

Travel is not only our business, it is also our way to celebrate! We’ll be toasting 30 years of marital bliss in October and Anne’s 65th birthday is around the corner, so 2017 is a big year for us!

Not really a “ta-da” big deal, but more of an “ahh” moment, as we enjoy making it to another milestone, blessed with good health, a wonderful family, terrific friends and the many clients who have joined our Dream Destination family!

When Hank and I started discussing how and where we would want to celebrate, we were torn. How do you decide between all of the many places we have visited (over 50 countries) and those we haven’t yet experienced? The decision is always a tough choice. What should drive the decision … food, people, activities, history?
Historic Sites?
For Hank, it’s the historic sites. And he truly enjoys knowing a hike through the woods to a reclusive castle is on the itinerary.

After a 3 mile trek through the woods, Burg Eltz–a fairy tale castle!

I’m more into the artistic experiences and shopping in the local markets.

Our Food Market Tour in Rome led by wine & food expert Hande Leimer of Vino Roma

We agree–Great Local Food & Wine!
But one thing we both agree on, is the chance to enjoy the local cuisine.

We don’t where we are going–but there will be good wine involved–Hank in Milan, Italy dining al fresco!

There is nothing more exciting than dining on food that is either not readily available at home. And we love trying local cuisine for dishes we can try to recreate when we return home. (My favorite and best recreation has been the cassoulet we really enjoyed in Carcassonne, France!) Each time we prepare a dish reminiscent of our travels, our memories are as vivid as one if our photos!

Cassoulet, Carcassonne, France

We’ve found that most local people, whether it is a couple, family or solo diner are more than happy to tell you about what they’re eating. We’ve learned we’ll get the best food, if we let our waiter/waitress make the selection for us. (We will provide a few caveats, we aren’t totally into some bizarre foods). Many times the wait staff is a family member so they know the recipes. Regardless, they are in the kitchen, they see what is fresh and they know which dish which the chef is really excited about.
Where to Go?
Our discussion this year has come down to a trip to the Baltics, and the U.K.  However, a rail pass to multiple countries and the opportunity to revisit Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Hungary is tempting.

Maybe Baltic Country Tallinn, Estonia–a great walled old town?

You probably noticed I didn’t mention a domestic destination or a more southern vacation closer to home. Please know it’s not that those aren’t on our radar, we just feel that we can visit those when we’re tired of castles, canals, ancient sites and the homelands of our ancestors!

Perhaps a River Cruise or an Ocean Cruise?
A river cruise is also so great–good food, unpack once, see interesting sites–that’s probably why we have been on 13 since 2009. 

Who wouldn’t want to be on a river cruise?

And a relaxing ocean cruise during the winter months offers us the opportunity to visit many of those places when we’re searching for the sun!

The Caribbean on NCL’s Escape?

Right now, we’re trying to squeeze every bit of energy we have to experience the world before it gets smaller or we discover some of our favorite places have become so touristy they no longer seem different from home!

We hope you’ll check out or photos on Pinterest ( . There are about 5,000 that show all of the places we’ve traveled, some more than once.

And, when we return from our 2017 celebration you’ll find out which Dream Destinations we chose!

Whether you’re ready to mark a milestone or just get away, please call Hank (713-397-0188 or email him at… he’ll help you discover how to Savor life … make memories … visit Dream Destinations!  Your journey begins here!



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