Towel Animals—Critters who have Shared Our Cruise Cabins!

by Hank Schrader, USMA ’71, Europe Destination & Europe River Cruise Expert

Anyone who has been on a cruise knows what this blog is about!  There is no better surprise than to find a new towel critter in your room after the cabin stewards’ visit.  These creative towel folds delight and add whimsy to your cruise trip.  Anne likes most of them so much, she wants them left in our cabin until the end of our cruise.

Some cruise lines emphasize towel animals more than others—we have actually been on a cruise where they proudly display animals on the deck chairs, our Carnival Breeze sailing in 2014.  The designs are creative and fun.  There is no doubt they add true enjoyment to your cruise.  Towel animals are found on almost every ocean cruise line and often on river cruise lines.  We like them so much we even inducted one towel animal into our Traveler Hall of Fame—Eddie Elephant represents all towel animals who have traveled with us.  To see more of the wonderful folks who have traveled with us and are members of the Dream Destinations Traveler Hall of Fame, PLEASE CLICK HERE (we would love to add you!)


Eddie Elephant, Inducted to the Dream Destination Traveler Hall of Fame

There are even classes on some lines and books that will teach you how to make these when you return home.  It is a great way to add to the memories of a good vacation.  What an awesome  idea—a new traveling companion who adds joy, costs nothing, and reminds us all not to take life so seriously!

Here are some of our favorites from River Cruises:

Here are some critters who have shared our Ocean going cruises:


Here is the outside display on the Carnival Breeze in 2014

We hope this has helped understand how even small touches make a vacation great on ocean and river cruise lines.  With these great friends to come along with you, it is easy to see why cruising is a great way to explore the wonderful ports of the world or to take river cruise to explore Europe!  We also hope this will inspire you to try cruising–we will be glad to help.  Please give Hank a call at 713-397-0188 or email me at so we can help you Savor life . . .make memories . . . Visit Dream Destinations!  Your journey begins here!



One thought on “Towel Animals—Critters who have Shared Our Cruise Cabins!

  1. When I traveled with DreamDestinations on the 2015 Danube Cruise (19-26 Oct 15) I was delighted by the various animals that showed up a various times. If you are interested, the cabin attendants on AMAwaterways cruise line will show you how they do it. Take pictures so you remember the steps. I didn’t so I can’t remember now, but it is fun and something you can share with young people like grand kids. As Hank notes probably everyone does it, and it is always possible they might use a larger towel, so be on the lookout. And I’d bet that “somewhere on the internet” there is someone who has a complete taxonomy of these clever creations.


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