Buying Travel from us– What Is In It For You?

By Hank Schrader, USMA ’71, Europe Destination & Europe River Cruise Expert

We sell travel to many satisfied clients.  Our mission is: Anne & Hank Schrader, of Visit Dream Destinations LLC, are certified travel professionals who will provide you with the highest quality, expertly planned domestic and foreign leisure travel with a focus on cruises, European river cruises and European vacations for discriminating travelers.

So, let’s talk a little about our sales process and answer the question—what is in it for you?

3 Questions Most Folks Ask Themselves When Presented a Travel Offer

We are all overwhelmed with ads and offers daily.  We also meet many folks who are selling to us.  I’ll bet that most of us are thinking about 3 questions when they met a salesperson and are listening to their pitch.  They are 1) Can I trust this person? 2) Do they know what they are talking about? 3) Do they care about me and what I need?  So, we want to enter the conversation you already having with yourself about these 3 questions.  These 3 topics deserve a more detailed approach so you can decide if we should be your travel professional.

Can I trust this Person?

Trust and integrity are valuable traits and, in my judgement, in short supply in our country.  Too many make promises they can’t or won’t keep.  My whole life has been devoted to service after graduating from West Point—20 years as a US Army Officer, 20 years as a coach and teacher and 20 years helping others travel to the right location.  Anne is equally dedicated to trust and integrity—she always thinks about what is best for our clients, every single time.  We think trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with you.  We try to under promise and over deliver a great travel experience for you.  We strive to make your travel experience better by helping you make wise choices, eliminate hassles, and help you get the best value for your money.  In short, while working with us, we want to provide a trip that will exceed your expectations.  I guess the best thing we can provide you is some comments by several of our clients.   To read A Few Words From Our Clients, Please click here

Do they know what they are talking about?

With over 20 years of experience selling travel to many satisfied clients, we know both what you need to make your travel experience better and the knowledge of what is available to match you with just the right vacation.  We have extensive first-hand knowledge and do comprehensive research on trips.  We have planned hundreds of successful trips to delighted clients and we are eager to plan yours.  Like a little proof?  Ask for one of our 49 Europe City travel guides (email Hank at, or click on one of our many (80 or more) PowerPoint presentations on our web site) or visit our About Section of our website to get travel tips ( )or visit our Pinterest page—over 4,500 pictures ( is one common thread herealmost 98% is our own pictures or written by us—in truth, it would be hard to find many travel professionals who have been to so many of the places we sell.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we know our stuff.  As I used to say as a coach, when evaluating good football players, “he is the real deal!”  Well folks, we are the real deal!

Do they care about me and what I need?

We treat each of our clients as friends, because we don’t sell travel to clients—we sell travel to friends.  There is a big difference—how your trip goes makes a world of difference to us.  We like to say we are small enough to deliver personalize serve but big and experience enough to get you just the right trip.  We try to match you to just the right experience and make it logical, realistic and affordable in your price range.  Don’t get us wrong—we do not sell on price—we sell on value.  We try to demonstrate how valuable you are to us in many ways (many love our handwritten thank you and welcome back notes) but how many other travel professional have a Traveler Hall of Fame?  We are proud we could help you and want to share with others your joy and satisfaction.  To see some of the folks who we have added to our Hall of Fame, Please click here.

Some of our Awesome Friends in the Traveler Hall of Fame

What we do not do

Our goal is to provide you with information but not bombard you with offers you do not want.  We really try to get to know you and match your desires to opportunities when they arise.  We are low-key and strive to provide the right info in a relaxed, no pressure situation.  In my opinion, there is a big difference about being eager to be your travel professional and being an obnoxious salesperson.  We are eager to help, but know the boundariesthe truth is we want to form a partnership with you—not sell you something.  It is as simple as this—we inform, you decide.  We also realize you are busy and we respect your time by trying to contact you in the form (phone, email or written) that works the best for you at the time that is the best for you.  In short, we respect you!

We hope these words inspire you to become or continue our travel relationship.  We want to help you achieve your travel dreams—remember if you want to Visit Dream Destinationsplease contact Hank (713-397-0188) or email him at to get started or just tell us about your travel dreams.  We are here to help you:

Savor life . . . make memories . . . Visit Dream Destinations!  Your journey begins here!


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