Why Are You Visiting 20 Different Websites before You book Your Trip?


by Hank Schrader, USMA ’71, Europe Destination & River Cruise Expert
That’s right, according to Google, 85% of travelers search the worldwide web for travel information when planning a trip and 62% visit 20 or more different sites prior to making a booking.
Trip planning does require a lot of work to get it right, and it is a hassle. Wouldn’t it be better to let us solve the trip research for you? Here are 7 Benefits to you if you let us plan your trip:

Problem # 1: Will I get the best value for my money?  Benefit to You: Spend your money wisely  Our solution:  We match the right vendor(s) to provide a trip that will exceed your expectations
Problem # 2: Will I get the right trip?   Benefit to You:  A better vacation  Our Solution:  We learn your dreams and turn them into a reality
Problem #3:  Will I make wise choices?   Benefit to You A better vacation and no fear of missing out on great experiences Our Solution:  Our 20 years of experience in the travel industry coupled with our first-hand knowledge and numerous professional certifications will help us provide you with the best options available
Problem #4:  Will I remember all the details?  Benefit to You:  No unforgotten trip details Our Solution:  We check all the details so you do not have any missteps or forgotten arrangements
Problem #5:  Will I spend too much time researching my trip?   Benefit to You:  Saves you time & eliminates hassles  Our Solution:  Once we know what you want, we do research to get you the highest quality, expertly planned trip
Problem #6 How can I best protect my vacation?  Benefit to You:  Peace of Mind Our Solution:  We can help lead you to the right people to answer your questions about insurance options
Problem # 7: How do I know I can trust my adviser to do the best for me?  Benefit to You: Someone thinking of your best interests   Our Solution:  We are members of several professional organizations and we have earned the trust of hundreds of clients. We encourage you to read their comments about our service

Google has determined there are 5 Stages of Travel. They are 1) Dreaming; 2) Planning; 3) Booking; 4) Experiencing; and 5) Sharing. We can help inspire you to dream and really help in the remaining 4 stages of travel. LEARN MORE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU
You can plan your own trip and take your chances or we can help you have a better trip.
Our Goal—Customer Bliss—Unforgettable experiences—We are not selling travel, we are helping you make memories to last a lifetime.
Why not call Hank now at 713-397-0188 and let’s get started getting you to your personal Dream Destination!
Savor life . . . make memories . . . visit Dream Destinations! . . . Your journey begins here!

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