It’s a Great Time to Plan a trip for 2016 or 2017!

by Hank Schrader, USMA ’71 Europe Destination & River Cruise Expert
The first 2 months of the year are one of the best times to plan your travel for 2016. Why? A simple answer is that many vendors offer specials, extra perks, accommodation or stateroom upgrades that can add real value to your vacation. As many of you know, Dream Destinations’ mission is to provide customers with the highest quality, expertly planned domestic and foreign leisure travel with a focus on cruises, European river cruises and European vacations for groups and individuals. So, please close your eyes, start thinking about your Dream Destinations, and once you have some ideas, let’s look at our three focus areas to see why now is a great time to plan a trip.
Ocean Cruises
Wave season is the period between January and March. This special sale period comes from the fact that a lot of people plan their vacation during the first 2 or 3 months of the year and the cruise lines help encourage booking by making special offers. It is often when cruise lines offer their best deals of the year. Many offer perks like free upgrades, onboard credit and other incentives. Wave season is about value added—maybe a spending credit for your onboard cruise account, beverage packages, or stateroom upgrades. These promotions are a good starting place, as most cruise vacationers book 6-9 months out from their desired sailing date.
How we can help you get a good cruise deal: There are some really good deals on our specials page.  SEE OUR SPECIALS

We also can help you decide and compare cruise lines, offers and ensure you get the right trip. We are experts in all aspects of the cruise vacation and having sailed on 9 different cruise lines (Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, MSC, Celebrity, Azamara and Silver Seas), we know the differences first hand.  LEARN MORE ABOUT CRUISING
European River Cruises
River cruises are smaller ships, carrying only 130 to 190 per vessel. The smaller size combined with a smaller number of riverboats on most lines limits availability. By far, the best deals in river cruising come early—best selection of cabins and itineraries. Again wave season promotions generally are the year’s best deals.
How we can help you get a good river cruise deal: Again our specials page has some very good river cruise deals and we have a good value on a Provence River Cruise sailing 11 November 2016.  LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS CRUISE


We are real river cruise experts. We have sailed on 10 river cruises in Europe, and have written a great comparison of 5 of the most popular river cruise lines. Want to know the real deal about a European river cruise—please use this link!  LEARN MORE ABOUT RIVER CRUISES
European Vacations
No matter if it is a pre or post cruise stay or a total land package, Europe vacations will make memories and provide experiences you will never forget. Maybe you want to see the most famous landmarks of Europe, or castles and walled cities, have some great meals and wines, or just experience a smaller village—Europe has it all!. With the Euro so close in value to the dollar, Europe is a good value for your money. Again, many vendors offer very good deals on tours, accommodations and packages early in the year.
How we can help you get a good European vacation: We visit Europe 2-3 times a year or more (I have been traveling to Europe for 44 years) and have visited 35 of the 44 most visited countries of Europe, many several times. We have written 48 destination guides to the best cities of Europe and have visited 41 of the 48 cities. The bottom line—we are experts at Europe trip planning. Would you like some planning help?   How do I GET MY EUROPE CITY GUIDE? Please email Hank at and ask for a city guide (you can find a list of destination guides under the 5 Regional European Destinations Tab at our website
We all have our Dream Destinations. Why not make one a reality-call us today (Hank at 713-397-0188) and let’s get it going!
Savor life . . .make memories . . . visit Dream Destinations! . . . Your journey begins here!


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