How Dream Destinations Website Can Help You Have a Better Trip

With all the travel information available on line, it is hard to know where to go to get the best travel information, advice and inspiration to plan your trip. I think that the purpose of a good travel website is to help you have a better trip. To do that, we will show you in this blog why you should come to our Website, how we can help you better than others; who we are, what our expertise is and what we have to offer. All of this will help you have a better trip–it is the purpose of our website.
How we help you have a better trip
Here is our mission statement: Dream Destination’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality, expertly planned domestic and foreign leisure travel with a focus on cruises, European river cruises and European vacations for groups and individuals.
So, let’s start with our home page. It tells you that we specialize in ocean cruises, Europe River cruises and European vacation. It also tells that we can help you have a better trip by providing trips that 1) will exceed your expectations, 2) help you make wise choices, 3) eliminate hassles and 4) help you get the best value for your money. Lofty words, but how do we provide customers with the highest quality, expertly planned leisure travel trips?
How we help you better than others.
We provide you 6 reasons to use us. They are our: Experience, Certification, Knowledge of the Industry, First Hand Knowledge, Membership in professional organizations and ability to earn your trust. In each of these 6 areas, we spell out what sets apart from other travel consultants. After reading these 6 reasons, it clearly establishes us as travel experts who apply our knowledge and industry resources to help you get a better trip. We provide you one final thought to consider when deciding whether to use us or not. It is this: You will get the highest quality, expertly planned trip because of our excellent credentials combined with our passion to help you and our attention to detail—it is a true winning formula!
One thing you will never see on our website—a booking engine. The reason is simple to us—we need to match you to the right trip and we cannot do that without talking to you and learning exactly what you expect from your trip.  We are not selling travel, we are helping you make memories.  We will get you the best value for your money if you will spend some time us. The more we can learn about you, the better we can serve you.
We have great site Content and easy ways to contact us
Our website is designed to help you have a better trip by providing great information (content) about cruises, European river cruises and European vacations. It answers your questions about what travel opportunities exist, the best way to get there and what to see after you arrival. It educates and inspires and you’ll find it is easy to use. Here are some features:
Tell us about Your Travel Ideas. Why this is so cool, is that when we know what you are looking for in a trip and a special comes up that matches what you are looking for, we can let you know what is available. Let me give you a great example—a classmate wanted a river cruise but the cruise line he had explored on his own was sold out. We were able to find him the same trip saving him and his wife for a savings of 25%–$1539.00 on what we consider a superior river cruise line. That’s how we add value! We also have this blog and our quarterly newsletter. Both are focused on educating you about ways to have a better trip. This is a link on our site to our Pinterest site ( It has close to 4,300 photos, most of which we took (about 98%). With 112 boards, you sure to see some great pictures (none have been Photo shopped or retouched in any way).
Our website also has many features that may inspire you when you think about taking a vacation. There are travel videos on the home page, the Cruise landing page, the River Cruise page and on the European Destinations page. There are 125 PowerPoint Presentations that will introduce you to a destination, a cruise line or let you see trips we have panned. The Travel Topics section has 8 feature articles that change each month. We have a Specials page which highlights some good travel values. The Cruises section covers it all—port destinations, cruises we have planned or taken from the Caribbean to North America to Europe. It includes both ocean and river cruises. The river cruise section is exceptional—you will not find anywhere on line as in-depth a description of Europe River Cruises. The Europe River Cruise Comparisons is even better. Our European Destinations section covers 44 countries of the European Continent. It is divided into the 4 regions of Europe and also includes a Little Treasures of Europe section that is not commonly found on websites. Each of these 5 website pages list the 48 Europe City Destination Guides to help enjoy your stay—which we will send you after you contact us about a future trip. There are hundreds of photos in these 2 sections, most taken by us during our travels.
Go ahead—start dreaming about great destinations—and then call Dream Destinations to make it happen or just start exploring our website—you will be glad you did!!
Help Making Your Trip Better—Advice and Resources
Before and after you have booked your trip, we have resources and advice to help travel smart and minimize hassles. Under the About section you can get travel tips, river cruise FAQs, learn ways to protect your money and about travel regulations in our resource section. We are pleased to show some past guests and their photos in our Traveler Hall of Fame. We have newsletter archives which provide in-depth travel info. You have lots of questions and we have the answers, or if we don’t know, we will find out for you.
As you can see, our web site really can help you have a better trip. Why not visit it now (
We are all about finding you the right vacation—please let us help you!
Savor life . . . make memories . . . visit Dream Destinations! . . . Your journey begins here!
Please go to our website (, so we can help you experience your Dream Destinations!


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